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How Process Mining Informs Better Cybersecurity Decisions

It's time to stop imaging what it would be like to fully trust your security stack

Gutsy Staff | February 19, 2024

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Are your security investments stacking up but still falling short? Imagine if you could make purchases based on full confidence in your technology, teams and processes to truly get the cybersecurity outcomes you want. Elevating your security governance strategy takes a radical shift, and it starts with better visibility into how your processes are actually working.

Better processes lie at the heart of making decisions based on trust, rather than fear. Knitting existing solutions more effectively with the application of process mining will optimize your stack and provide a clearer checklist of where risk lies in your existing infrastructure. Perhaps most important, a good process mining tool will show you how to shore up those gaps that are putting your data at risk.

Let’s take a better look at what a world enabled with process mining for cyber could look like:

The end of FUD

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) have long dominated the way cybersecurity solutions have promoted themselves since the beginning of the industry. But, over the last few years, we’ve had a growing number of conversations with CISOs around how these psychological and exploitative marketing plays can leave a poor taste in prospects and customers’ mouths.

Taking advantage of security leaders’ stressors not only makes their heavy responsibilities harder to handle, it’s cynical and unkind and can lead to knee-jerk decision making or decision paralysis.

Informed purchasing and purging

With full trust in our security processes, fundamental approaches to how we assess and acquire solutions would change. Confidence in knowing what works and what doesn’t would shift purchasing dynamics from external coaxing to internal expertise.

Security teams would be equipped with a data-driven understanding of what needs to be covered. This would allow them to advocate for the investments they know will deliver their security outcomes. A debloating of security stacks, as well as reduced complexity and consolidation of solutions, would follow suit.

Less stress, more time

We would also gain back more time and ease. Providing laser-focused insights into automation opportunities and which processes are working would reduce the time spent on manual audits. Tracking down non-compliant users could also be greatly reduced. With all the time gained back, organizations could finally focus on priority projects that would drive the business forward, versus being stalled by failed processes.

Removing fear as a motivator to buy new security tools, and replacing it with a proactive process mining solution that introduces trust and confidence into the technologies and teams you have already built - could be the biggest risk cybersecurity has yet to take.

How Gutsy can Help

At Gutsy, we want security leaders to know they can build great organizations on a foundation of trust in the resources they’ve already invested in. They deserve to have the security insights needed to remove any risks hiding in plain sight within their stacks.

For a detailed discussion of how process mining works, how it can be applied to security, and what benefits it delivers to security leaders, using real world customer case studies as examples, download your free copy of "Process Mining: The Security Angle."

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