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What is Gutsy?

Gutsy enables you to look at security not as individual settings and detections, but as interconnected systems and events that deliver outcomes. You don't just see the results, you see how you got them and why.

Gutsy connects to all the systems you're already using, continuously mines data about every process execution, and automatically correlates activities across complex security workflows.

Gutsy has modules covering identity management, incident response, and vulnerability management, with coverage for more process families coming soon.

Identity Management

Identity is the foundation of security, but even common tasks, like granting new users access and rapidly removing it when they depart, can be difficult to execute consistently. As organizations move to more cloud services this only becomes more challenging and the risks of overly broad permissions and residual access grow.

With Gutsy you'll be able to see exactly how your HR systems work with your ticketing systems, collaboration tools, directories, and identity providers to create, configure, and remove users and groups.

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Staff User Management

Vendor Onboarding and Offboarding

Privileged Account Management

MFA Enablement and Recovery

API Key Management

Fraudulent Account Detection

Incident Response

The clock starts when an incident is detected; impact is highly correlated to how long the adversary is in your environment. But the time between when an incident is reported to when it's contained can vary depending on how well you execute your response plan.

With Gutsy you'll be able to track exactly how you triage, investigate, and eliminate incidents from start to finish.

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Anomaly Detection
and Triage

Forensic Data Collection and Investigation

High Value Target Phishing Response

IOC Data Ingestion
and Distribution

Vulnerability Management

Radically improve vulnerability management outcomes with continuous and accurate understanding of every step from detection to remediation.

Discover hidden inefficiencies that delay resolution and eliminate the risks they create. Set SLAs and see exactly how you're meeting them and when and why you fall short.

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Vulnerability Detection and Remediation for IaaS

0-Day Response

SCA Risk Identification and Remediation

Vulnerability Detection and Remediation for DevOps

Externally Reported Vulnerability Remediation

How Does Gutsy Work?

Applying Process Mining to Cyber

Gutsy gives you a bird's eye view of all your security related processes, illustrating each step and hand off in every execution.

Gutsy automatically connects to all the systems you're already using, continuously gathers events from them as they happen, and automatically correlates complex workflows across them.

Who Uses Gutsy?


who have full access to all security processes across the organization


who can be given subsets of data on demand, eliminating time consuming data gathering in audits

Security Technical Leaders

who want to view and interact with the processes they own

IT Teams

who can view and interact with the processes you partner on

Trust Center


Product Architecture

How Gutsy Works With Your Stack

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Cloud delivered SaaS product

Data is mined directly from your cloud providers into Gutsy and you can deploy a self-hosted collector for systems behind your firewall

Deployed in the region you choose

Familiar, user driven, collaboration capabilities with full control over who has access to what process data

Native support for major identity providers for single sign-on access

Wide and ever growing integration library covering both security and non-security tools like HR and ticketing systems