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Data Driven Security Governance

Lower risk, accelerate auditing, and drive accountability across your teams, tools, and processes

(People + Technology) * Process = Security Outcomes

Governance is how you manage the process multiplier.

But governance has been manual, slow, and reactive. You can’t deliver good security outcomes without good governance and you won’t have good governance without understanding your processes.

Process Centric, Data Driven Security Governance

Gutsy is a data driven security governance platform that provides security leaders with a process centric understanding of how security teams, tools, and services work together, so they can lower risk, accelerate auditing, and drive accountability.

Gutsy applies process mining to cyber for the first time, connecting your existing tools, collecting data from them, and automatically correlating it into processes, enabling governance that consistently delivers better security outcomes.

Our Commitment to Security

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What Security Leaders say About Gutsy


True cloud transformation requires operational transformation. You can’t safely operate at cloud scale and speed without a new way to do security governance. Gutsy’s innovative, software-driven approach to helping security organizations visualize, gain semantic awareness, and optimize security operations enables organizations to maintain ongoing security governance at cloud scale.

Nancy Wang

Former Director of Engineering & GM - Amazon Web Services