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Lower Risk

Gutsy connects to the tools you already use, like EDR, vulnerability management, ticketing, SIEMs, HRIS, and code repos, creates a process-centric data model of how they work together, and identifies risks caused by inconsistency and inefficiency


When a security incident occurs, you have dwindling time to identify and remediate it. Gutsy helps you understand how your SOC staff, service providers, and detection and response tools work together to find and contain problems. Measure KPIs like mean time to detection and automatically take action to keep response playbooks on track.

User Offboarding

Understand each step of your offboarding process from HR to IT operators to your IAM systems – even those systems disconnected from your IdP. Find discrepancies in your processes where users or access aren’t removed and build guardrails to prevent it in the future.

Cloud Vulnerability

Measure and drive down mean time to fix critical vulnerabilities. See not just what vulnerabilities are being detected but what you’re doing to resolve them and where the bottlenecks are that extend exposure windows. Understand how your vulnerability detection tools, ticketing systems, code repos, deployment tools, and all the teams that use them really work together.