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From Protector to Influencer: CISO Strategies for Boardroom Success

International changes in how organizations safeguard secure information has a ripple effect on the long-standing responsibilities of the Chief Security Information Officer (CISO). In this webinar, “From Protector to Influencer: CISO Strategies for Boardroom Success'' we will address the emerging new responsibilities for the CISO role. Understand how to go beyond effectively communicating new security strategies and recommendations. Ensure your data-driven recommendations are quickly translated into action.

Our one hour together promises to empower CISOs and Security Leaders with the tactics needed to:

  • Articulate data-based security strategies in a way that resonates with organizational leadership
  • Proactively deploy security governance strategies before The non-negotiable need to unify forensic metrics and access across security teams
  • Align security objectives and metrics with business goals
  • Showcase the return on investment (ROI) in security investments to generate future buy-in from investors and the board
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