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Outwit, Outsmart, OutOperationalize: How to Survive Security Governance Challenges

As hard as you work to contain and secure your organization's data, have you noticed that the attack surfaces seem to be expanding? That the universe of technologies designed to help sometimes end up being the Trojan horse?

This conversation will address both the unique operational challenges CISOs encounter in this evolving cybersecurity landscape - and what strategies are working for them.

JOIN US Tuesday, June 25 at 11 am PST to discuss:

  • Current Security Governance Processes: Which security governance strategies are/aren’t working well for many organizations and why.
  • Default, Automated Reporting: What to look for in automated reporting tools.
  • Adapting process-aware, AI-enabled tech: to make complex questions easier to answer with data, prioritize risk, accelerate compliance, and drive accountability.
  • Need for CISO omni-access: Why insights and access into every data collection point is no longer a “nice to have” for security leaders, and what kinds of technology can make this omni-access less overwhelming.
  • Closer Scrutiny of Communications and Disclosure: The importance of aligning internal and external communications, while balancing the responsibilities of the role.
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How to survive security governance challenges live webinar on June 25, 2024