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Process Mining

What is Process Mapping?

A method used to visually represent workflows and processes within an organization.

Process mapping graphic illustration

Process mapping involves creating diagrams, often represented as flowcharts or process maps.

These 'maps' outline the sequence of steps of a given process that is followed to complete a task or achieve a goal.

Process Mapping Example

A process map allows teams to easily visualize, compare and explain how their organization really works.

process map of an organization's user off boarding process
Example of a process map of an organization's user off boarding process

Benefits of Process Mapping

A good process map shows what executions are happening in which order. Where the executions are either not being completed, or are erroneous.

This visualization provides a universal truth regarding how the mapped process really works. This way, teams and their leaders can better understand understand workflows, find inefficiencies, and make improvements.

Example real-time "google map" of how one security workflow is working, and where it can be optimized

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