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Process Mining

What are Process Variants?

Variants represent the unique events within a process.

artistic rendering of a process variant

The flow or occurrence of end-to-end events in a process is referred to as a process variant.

Just like a person’s unique footprints can be used to trace their path, in the same way, process mining can trace unique events for a process’ path, known as a “variant” of a process.

For example, many people take the same route to work every day, just like processes have common variants that are often repeated.

Other times, they take a detour or different path, just as sometimes processes have unusual, uncommon, or infrequently followed variants.

What value is there in finding process variants?

Even though you may think your process is working as you expect based on set standards or "how to" documentations, the reality is that there are a lot of times people don't or can't conform to the ideal process.

This results in variants.

Variants can sometimes be acceptable - like approved exceptions. Sometimes they can be unacceptable and induce risk - such as elevating privileges to perform certain tasks and leaving the privileges unchecked. It is important to have visibility into all your process variants and understand process conformity.

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