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From Mined Data to Dashboards: How Gutsy’s 23.11 Release Drives Better Governance

John Morello | December 5, 2023

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When we started Gutsy, we wanted to fundamentally change security governance from a manual, anecdotal approach to one enabled by software and data. Since then, we’ve talked with hundreds of CISOs and security leaders from around the world and heard how much this concept resonates and what capabilities they need to make it a reality.

In our 23.11 release, we’re delivering key capabilities to help customers zoom both ‘out’ and ‘in’ on their process data sets to help improve security outcomes and lower risk.

Performance Dashboarding

Gutsy’s new performance management dashboards provide visibility into the effectiveness and consistency of key security processes across the organization. Set outcome goals for critical workflows like vulnerability management and incident response and Gutsy will not only automatically measure performance, but enable users to directly drill into the process executions that don’t meet them. Data is mined and correlated continuously so you always have an accurate view and a consistent way to measure and communicate performance. Read more about performance dashboarding.

Image taken from Gutsy's 23.11 release performance dashboard

Data Viewer

One of Gutsy’s key innovations is helping CISOs see their world not as settings and detections but rather as systems of interconnected systems and events that deliver outcomes. The data Gutsy mines and correlates about security processes is not only available as interactive visual maps but now the exact details about every execution can be analyzed in Gutsy’s built in data viewer. The data viewer enables users to drill down into the raw information in every execution of every process and slice and dice it directly within the product UI. Of course, all of Gutsy’s process centric data is always available in open formats, simultaneously available in the product UI, directly downloadable, and interactively live via the API. Read more about the data viewer.

Image of Gutsy's 23.11 release data dashboard

Qualify Automation Opportunities

CISOs tell us one of the most powerful methods to reduce risk is to automate security tasks. However, automation takes effort to create and maintain and it can be hard to identify the automation investments with the most promising return on investment (ROI). Gutsy automatically analyzes every step in every process execution, identifies inefficiencies, quantifies potential automation benefits, and provides the data to support automation investments. Gutsy helps security leaders find and automate the friction out of key security processes, lowering risk and helping them get more out of their existing stacks. Read more about automatic measurement of manual work.

Screen grab from Gutsy's 23.11 release

For a detailed discussion of how process mining works, how it can be applied to security, and what benefits it delivers to security leaders, book a free demo: