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When Investing in Security Processes is a Solid Governance Strategy

If you build it, the ROI will come

Gutsy Staff | February 22, 2024

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Process is the backbone of an effective security strategy. Good, clear security processes act like a multiplier, allowing the millions of dollars worth of security technologies and teams you’ve invested in to reach their full potential.

We recently sat down with renowned cybersecurity expert and Gutsy advisor Bruce Schneier to discuss why investing in good security processes is the foundation for a robust governance strategy, as well as how and when enterprise leaders should consider investing in applications to improve them.

Schneier details the workflow cues that indicate an organization is ready to invest in a robust security process for optimal ROI.

Spoiler alert: the sooner security teams apply process mining to their cybersecurity stacks, the sooner they can see where there is the opportunity for systemic failure, and fix it.

Process mapping of the data derived from the security systems can highlight and recommend actionable ways to squeeze the maximum value out of every tool, integration and team working with these investments.

The result is:

Of course, as Schneier explained in the video above, companies need to balance how often a task is done with how complex it is to create a process for it.

Our ebook, “Process Mining: The Security Angle,” can help you do just that. Download it for free to quickly understand how easy it is for your organization to embrace the transformative power of process mining for cyber.

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