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How Process can Prove Trustworthiness in an Era of Outsourcing

The proverb "honesty is the best policy" takes on more significance these days

Gutsy Staff | March 7, 2024

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As more security enterprises continue to heavily depend on external services, suppliers, and cloud computing, a question emerges:

How can security leaders ensure the trustworthiness of not only their internal systems, but the external products, partners and organizations they rely on to deliver their software?

Renowned cryptographer and Gutsy advisor Bruce Schneier sat down with us to explore this very concept and what he calls "a very serious outsourcing of truth."

Schneier discusses the tactics CISOs can use to protect reputations when selecting external vendors and services

Here are key considerations security leaders should take away from that conversation with Schneier:

Build Trust Among Peers

CISOs are increasingly finding themselves with a seat in the boardroom. As a result, they have a critical opportunity to tell the story of an organization's security governance program and establish trust among board members, C-level executives, and security leadership. As Schneier said, "the best way to create trust is to be trustworthy." For CISOs, transparency, honesty, and presenting present data-driven evidence of where a security program is succeeding, or failing, serves as the bedrock of that trust.

Security leaders that can present evidence their established security processes are working and delivering expected outcomes are in a better position to quickly build trust among their peers, the leadership and the board.

Why Companies Outsource Security Governance

We are at the point where software as a service is becoming infrastructure like any other utility. As is the case with any other utility such as water or electricity, outsourcing the handling, storage, or analysis of digital data is often considered a good business decision for a variety of reasons.

However, this shift from internal to external security operations management puts the oneus on CIOs and CISOs to vet for business alignment and organizational security standards. The stakes are high if this process goes awry, as we've seen with some recent court rulings against high profile security leaders.

Proving you got it right

When defending a security investment, data is the security leader's best friend. Using process mining to visibly demonstrate all your systems, vendors, services, tools and teams are delivering expected - and desired - outcomes, is the best way to quantify trust.

Gutsy pioneered the application of process mining in cybersecurity. From providing data-driven insights into how your security stack is truly operating, to presenting resolutions to security gaps before an audit failure, learn more about why more security leaders are turning to process mining for cyber to ensure the trustworthiness of their internal and external security operations.

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